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Welcome to Malbec in the City 2.OR, Malbec in the City! will explore unique malbec wines with an eclectic array of tastings, food pairings, tango dancing, live music and more. Over 40 Oregon Malbec wines will be available, including the first white Malbec released in the United States by Valcan Cellars.
“This lesser known varietal, beloved in France and Argentina, has been quietly growing in Oregon.” Says JP Valot, of Valcan Cellars. “I want people to experience malbec in all its forms, from white, pink and red to sparkling. Whatever you can do with malbec grapes, you will see it at Malbec in the City!
”The event will benefit Our Legacy Harvested, a nonprofit founded in 2020 dedicated to educating, advancing and empowering the BIPOC community at any career level within the wine industry

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